7 Key Tips to Stand Out

A New Year can bring new changes. Looking for a new role can be a roller coaster, one that can be fun and exciting.  Just like everything it can present one challenge, standing out to recruiters (both executive search and internal) making yourself stand out to recruiters. Here are seven tips to help you stand out

Be Prepared and do your homework.

You already know that your resume and cover letter need to be tailored to the position you’re applying to. Your interview performance is no different. Show the recruiter that you understand the company and its history if the role is unknown do research on your recruiter and be prepared to share what type of role or organization you are interested in. Recruiters are likelier to hire someone who shows they’re not just interested in a job, but a career and being prepared does just that. 

“I am One in a million” – show Personality.

You are unique and you more than just a resume. The best recruiters seriously consider personality when hiring, so let yours shine.  Be upfront with all the information recruitment teams are looking for; holding back or withholding information is a red flag that you may not be what their client is looking for.  Lastly, relax, breathe and show enthusiasm! We LOVE hearing about your ideas, successes, and goals

Social Media – the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Social media is no longer cutting-edge; it is mainstream. It’s such a wide practice that, 70 percent of recruiters and employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, according to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey.  The Good this means you can shine by sharing links to your portfolios and social media profiles. The Bad, social media can be a double-edged sword. You should clean up your social media profiles when you are seeking a new opportunity (or just keep them clean permanently). I personally have had more conversations with clients around what was or was not on someone’s profile or questions asking why they had zero social media presence than I have been asked about a few months gap on their resume.

“I Can-Do It”- Project a Positive Attitude

We all have bad days but even if you have all the qualifications in the world, it means nothing with a bad attitude. So shine your “Can-Do Attitude” in your correspondence, and in your interview, project positivity and enthusiasm for the position. Attitudes are contagious and a healthy dose of passion and drive can trump experience when recruiters are comparing candidates.

Let’s Talk – have a real Conversation

Don’t read your resume, or answer a question by saying, “it’s on my resume.” No matter the advancements in Artificial Intelligence or online recruiting tools and applications – hiring and securing a new role will always be Human Intelligence based.  As a recruiter, we have already read your resume, its why we are talking. So let’s talk – show me your personality.  Engaging in a real conversation shows off style and approach, your attention to details and passion.

Ask Questions Beyond Salary and Benefits

Sure, we all want to ask the big questions around “salary and benefits” but just like dating – let’s not jump the gun but focusing too narrowly on those topics will suggest to a recruiter that your interest in the position is solely monetary reasons.  When someone asks this right off the bat – the conversation goes south because you have not had the opportunity to address the earlier topics. Show your recruiter that you are not interested in a job, but a career and the career they are hiring for. Any good recruiter will approach this topic so, be prepared to discuss salary and benefits openly. Recruiters want to hire someone interested in the company and deliverables and you’ll gain a better sense of whether the position is a good fit for you.

Measurable Accomplishments Outweigh Skills

Job listings call for desired knowledge and skills as a result, recruiters tend to see similar-looking resumes that simply list relevant skills. A great way to make you and your resume stand out is to describe measurable accomplishments. Hiring managers will want to know in measurable terms what you can offer and so will your recruiter.  I always suggest developing your personal talk track before the interview.  A great read and way to give yourself a competitive advantage that will help you nail an interview and make you shine is  Rock the Interview like a STAR .