Benefits of Contracts Staffing

Temporary Staffing has long been a solution for employers to meet short-term or variable staffing needs, however over the last decade “Contract Staffing” is on the rise. No matter the terminology, temporary employees are no longer viewed as just being lower-level, non-essential and less-committed workers. Contract workers provide both FLEXIBILITY and EXPERTISE to solve business challenges.  This key talent can make a quick and positive impact on projects by providing specific skills or experience when you need it.

Achieve Flexibility

  • Acquire proficiency for the specific timeframe needed for a job or project
  • Reduces cost on manpower resources and economically makes sense to contract individuals with specialized skill on as needed or project basis
  • Overcome hiring freezes

Gain Access to Highly Skilled Workers

  • Contract workers can often provide fresh ideas and innovative solutions
  • Contractors generally have broader work experience and education according to the Burea of Labor Statistics

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce costs associated with employee benefits, paid time off, legal and administrative costs such as (hiring, payroll, and employment paperwork

Reduce Liability

  • Workers Compensation
  • Unemployment claims
  • IRS Audits related to worker misclassification
  • Wage and hour/Overtime compliance
  • Discrimination
  • Negligent hiring, retention and supervision
  • Layoff lawsuits

How Can Exemplar360 Help

Speed: Don’t let unexpected resignations, hiring freezes, and long, complex hiring processes bring your organization to a crawl. Turn to contract staffing solutions to quickly acquire the skills and experience you need.

Talent: Whatever your immediate need is, we have the ability and capacity to help. Our recruiters have access to highly skilled professionals from a broad range of industries across the world.

Results: Don’t let skill gaps, inexperience, or unexpected circumstances negatively impact your results.  Bring on experienced contractors who will help keep your critical operations running and your results on track. 

Flexibility: Contractors are available for assignment lengths ranging from a few days to multiple years.  Just tell us the assignment start date and the skill sets/experience you’re looking for your perfect candidate to possess. We will handle the rest!

Trust: Our recruiters often have experience in the industries they recruit and undergo an extensive training program. It is their job to find and present you with the best candidates the market has to offer. Our staff is prepared to deliver the staffing solutions you need for as long as you need them.

Exemplar360 would love the opportunity to discuss our contract staffing solutions and create a customized plan to meet your needs.  Our contractors may just be the solution you are looking for!

Contact or 678-782-2441 or more information