Solutions for a Talent Driven Economy

Executive Search

At Exemplar 360 we provide a range of solutions designed to adapt to the unique needs and structure of each client and their organization. We have developed a value-added search process designed to drive more effective and efficient hiring by reducing time-to-hire and increasing candidate quality.

Engaged Search

Our Engaged Search guarantees that your needs are given top priority. A dedicated team of specialists focus on your critical role until it is filled. From initial consultation and the creation of a search plan to candidate sourcing and interviewing, we ensure our clients have access to the best talent for both technical skill and experience as well as cultural fit. We have filled 100% of all Engaged Searches to date and guarantee we will find the right candidate for you.

Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search Service is designed to fill business-impacting positions. Because we employ our high touch process, even on Contingency Searches, we prefer to only take on these assignments by asking for exclusivity, transparency and prompt and timely feedback. This allows us to represent you and our firm in a positive light to candidates by providing the highest and most prompt level of service.

Retained Search

Our search process begins with in-depth research and analysis as well as a detailed project plan. We meet weekly with our clients to review progress made on their specific projects. In addition to our value-added search process, we provide additional high touch service, market data and tailor the search and interviewing process to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss our Retained Search solution in more details.

Contract Staffing

As unexpected business needs arise, we are prepared to place skilled professionals ready to perform day one. Whether it be an extra person, or a needed niche skill set, Exemplar 360 can provide your company with contingency help to bridge your staffing needs. Two months, six months or two years - we have the flexibility to meet your growing and changing needs. Visit our Contract Staffing Solutions page for more details.

"Quality is not an act, it is a Habit"


Consulting and Advisory Solutions

Our collective knowledge and experience enable us to offer our clients the guidance and coaching they need to succeed. We take the time to understand your strategic objectives and culture to provide you with a custom solution that is effective and in alignment with your values.

Step One Define

Understanding the business situation and creating a success framework that includes desired outcomes, expected timeline, and anticipated economic impact. Next, we ensure feasibility by identifying risk and develop an execution roadmap.

Step Two Deploy

Change Management. Training and Adoption. Continuous Improvement. Our experienced professionals address all areas of people, process, and technologies through the leveraging of proven project management methodologies and tools.

Step Three Deliver

We execute and deliver with precision.  Our expert knowledge and experience enables us to  successfully drive the process to a successful, expedient outcome.  Our consultative approach positions us to offer guidance and coaching for trends, structure and technique.