Value-Added Search Process

At Exemplar 360, we incorporate a process designed to promote quality and efficiency. We strive to take as many recruiting steps off your plate as possible, so you can focus on your role as a leader. By creating a project plan to meet the established timelines and milestones, we nurture a true partnership that aligns with your unique needs and your organization’s specific internal processes.

Our process is divided into four segments, each focusing on a crucial step to deliver your talent solutions:

Step One Assessment and Alignment

Before ever seeking or selecting candidates, we work to gain a holistic understanding of our client, their business, and their unique needs to develop a plan tailored to their search.

Step Two Selection and Recruitment

Once we have gained a complete understanding of our client and the position, we begin to identify and connect with qualified candidates. We assess candidate motivations as well as qualifications and verify references to ensure alignment with the opportunity and your company.

Step Three Client

A candidate is more than their resume. We won't spam you with resumes to review. We present detailed summaries based on our interactions with candidates and what we've uncovered through comprehensive discovery.  We'll also share why we think they are a good fit for your role, team and culture.

Step Four Preparation and Placement

To streamline, we will manage candidate and client expectations for the interview process, including meeting details, timelines, alignment, debriefs feedback and updates.  Once you have selected your candidate, we will broker the offer, stay in touch with you and your candidate during the transition, and we'll follow up once the candidates starts.  It doesn’t stop with the first day of hire.